Welcome to The Nineteenth Century Revisited!

I shall introduce myself as Freya, and this blog is inspired by the literature, fine art and cultural topics that I thrived on at The University of Leicester. I studied English and also dabbled in The History of Art. I’ve got some favourites, which will become evident through the extensive posts about Thomas Hardy, Gothic Literature and the art of JMW Turner. But it doesn’t end there… and who says it has to end at 23:59 on December 31st 1899 ?! Victorian culture is still incredibly relevant to now and can help us to revive some of the audacious opinions during the era, for example, did you know that in the latter half of the 19th century there was a Dress Reform Movement in which women campaigned to have the bone squeezing, spine altering, organ suffocating CORSET banned? Whereas now, corset training is a trend that is growing almost as fast as that booty is in proportion to a shrinking waistline. Of course, it’s brilliant that a lot of women on this earth now have all the freedom that Victorian women could only have wished for, but my God! those poor ladies just wanted to rip off that basque and relax!!!!!

 *pause and breathe* 

See – it’s kind of relevant right?..

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